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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Five Best: Nicholas Cage

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This Friday is the release in Nicholas Cage's latest run of action/garbage films, with Drive Angry 3D. The movie looks terrible, the title is miserable, and it leaves me nostalgic for the days when Nicholas Cage was a respected actor. So, in that vain, let's look back at Nicholas Cage's five best films, in chronological order.

NOTE: My biggest omission is his Oscar winning role in Leaving Las Vegas. Cage was excellent in it, but I could never watch it again. Maybe that's why I left it off.

So Nick - if you're reading - please read your scripts. Please start making some good movies again. We miss you.


  1. Yes, I miss Cage doing good movies. If Drive Angry failed too, Hollywood might kick him into oblivion, and that's just sad since most people grow up watching Nic's movie. He should just drop the action movies and put his hands on drama again. Needs to be picking his projects really really carefully.

  2. Well, he has his issues with drama, too, lately. His only noteworthy performance of the last 5 years is his limited supporting role in last year's "Kick-Ass," and I still think it was a little forced.

    He is a surprisingly good comedic actor - why not that? Why not a darker comedy, like 2005's "Weather Man," which I loved? I think he's just paying the bills at this point.

  3. Looks like he's still picking up small projects here and there. Drive Angry is surprisingly better than I thought, but the box office performance is very poor. Of course, the movie is over the top, but it was a fun popcorn movie.